Digital Marketing Consulting

Sharing knowledge, insight and experience to solve problems

The internet is here to stay, and we know how to navigate the digital marketing realm for you.
There are actually fantastic opportunities out there to grow your business and enhance your company’s image. Trust us to guide your business in the use of the right online marketing tools, which when used effectively, will build bridges of communication between you and your clients.
Beginning with a comprehensive data collection and strategy discussion, we will walk you through your concepts, business targets and budgeting to define the ideal next steps.
Throughout the strategy creation or concept refinement process, we will assist you with identifying and analysing key obstacles you may have encountered and issues that are blocking your online marketing success.
The end product of our comprehensive strategy and concept development phase of service is the creation of a comprehensive strategic digital marketing plan, including short and long-term goals.

Here are the following steps customised to achieving your prominence online.

We will begin with a face-to-face meeting to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s online presence in other to have a clearly defined context on achievable goals. Client labels his market, competitors and rivals, as well as sharing of ideas with us. This will give us sufficient clarity to enable us draft a strategic plan.

In this process, we study the implementations of your business and other businesses and analyse what they do, what they spend, and their mistakes. This will give us clarity on your go/no-go directions.

A proper documented plan is prepared and presented. Client will get to review what is achievable and what isn't.

We want to be different. We want your online presence to standout; hence, a unique concept of content must be actualised. These concepts will define how we will incorporate branding elements, as well and creation of unique concepts not often used by everyone else. A well explained presentation document stating your new content concepts and implementation plan will be drafted out. This plan will include a content calendar to be used all through the year round in other to give your social media a unique style while achieving agreeable goals.

If need be, you or your in-house employee delegated for the management of your accounts will be trained on the use of this documentation. A concise understanding of everything to be done with this document and how to avoid mistakes.

Your online presence is now set to launch with a brand-new plan and direction.

We will be a phone call away for day-to-day support via phone calls and meeting physically.



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