Website Development Services

Because your website is the first thing a perspective client will see

It is your window display to the world and your first chance to make a strong lasting impression with users. A good website captures the very essence of your company, your personality and your mission.

Over here, we build 21st century websites that will look great on computers, tablets and phones. We strive to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends and to ensure that our customers have not only a unique, modern website, but sales driven.

All of our websites are responsive, they automatically adapt and look great across all devices. Whether your customers visit your website on their mobiles, tablets, laptop or a desktop monitor you will always have your best foot forward.

We take the following steps to ensure that we deliver our services with astute accuracy.

We meet to discuss the ins and outs of what you want to achieve, what your company is all about and get a good feel of how you want to be represented online.

After our initial meeting, we work to get all of the content ready for your site, or at least enough to get a good start. Things like photos, content and key information is gathered at this stage.

Now that we know exactly what you want and have enough content to populate the site, we can start with the initial design. We aim to have a fully functional demo of your site set up within two weeks, depending on the scale of your website.

When we present you with the initial design, we always want to hear your feedback. Want colours changed? Images swapped? A totally different menu? Not a problem, we can fix that for you. We’re committed to building sites that our clients are proud of and to do that involves their feedback.

After a bit of back and forth, tweaking the design to your exact specification, you’re now ready to go live. We ensure that your site has security built in and is coded with the future in mind, meaning you’re going to run into less problems down the line. That’s it, your site is now live and it’s time to start directing potential clients to it.