Personnel Recruitment

Looking to hire the best in Digital Marketing? We recruit on your behalf

Digital marketing has become a very vital part of every business, and it isn't something we have to keep experimenting on. Your organisation shouldn't continue going about hiring mediocre to manage its online presence. This time around, you have to do it right, and it's your responsibility to ensure that it does. Our recruiting service has been designed to ease every organisation from the stress of searching for skilled in-house digital marketing personnel. We understand that every business is unique, hence, should be treated as such. We want our clients to enjoy a personalised recruiting experience that provides all the support it needs. Nine out of ten times, new clients that come to us are those that are faced with the challenges of hiring job applicants who did not understand the nitty-gritty of the tasks ahead of them, and end up performing poorly. Also, they do not know what to look out for from a professional skilled digital marketer, hence, the need for a middle-man to point that out, us! To add value to your business we help organisations like yours stay on top with the best practices in digital marketing. To fulfil this need, we offer personnel outsourcing services to small, medium and large-scale enterprises where we handle tasks such as sourcing skilled personnel, developing tailored marketing plans as well as staff training for both business owner/manager and staff. More than just helping with the performance review we also offer continuous support in setting KPIs, assessing progress and providing feedback to ensure that your new employed staff are meeting their objectives and goals. We take these necessary steps to ensure service delivery is kept well under 4 weeks.

Within this week of service, our sourcing process will include going through our database of skilled individuals. We want to ensure that we provide the best for your organisation, we also want to ensure that your place of work is within the reach of where they live.

The first day of this week, we will visit your place of work to get as much insight as possible, to enable us create a tailored marketing plan that will suite your business overall goals and to generally understand your company's culture. Throughout the remaining week, we will commence on drafting and perfecting plans that you or your new personnel will work with.

We assure to hire you personnel that are very good with the use of technical tools, however, they must undergo a 2-day training in order to ensure they make maximum use of our day-to-day digital marketing plans and strategy.

At this point, everything is set! We might brush up on some untouched areas. Your new personnel is now ready to fully resume duties!